Wild Horses on Bird Shoal

The sun was low, sunrise having only been a short time earlier as I paddled towards Bird Shoal. As the little strip of sand started to come into view I could make out the silhouettes of several wild horses. Most were heading west, on a journy back to Town Marsh as is their habit during a rising tide. I was afraid all the horses would move off, placing water too shallow for even my kayak to navigate between me and the animals. A few, however, were staying in place on the shoal. When I finally reached the shoal a couple of the mustangs were taking advantage of the dim morning light caused by heavily overcast skies and napping on the sand. Eventually one mare woke-up, the side of her face covered with the gritty remnants of her sandy pillow. She made an interesting subject. Another mare and their accompanying stallion also provides some nice photographic opportunities. Here are a few images from the morning’s adventure.

A mare awakes from a sandy bed on Bird Shoal.

A stallion stands guard over his mares atop a dune along the North Carolina coast.

A mare covered by sand after a morning nap in the sand. Wild horse of the outer banks.

A wild mustang coated with sand after a nap on the dunes along the North Carolina coast.

A stallion and mare get frisky in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve along North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

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