Killer Shots

We’ve all heard the term “killer shot.” In most cases it refers to a really great photograph. However, in this case it’s talking about shots of Apex predators… literally shots of killers. “Killer Shots” is a new series airing on NatGeo Wild. The show follows a wildlife videographer Andy Casagrande on assignment to capture footage of various predators. In the most recent episode the assignment was to film a big cat stalking, capturing and making a kill on the Serengeti. What I found most intersting about in this episode was the videographer’s use of a radio remote control truck to get some very unusual footage. He attached to small HD video cameras to the little truck then used it to get close and personal footage of two male lions lounging in the shade of a tree with a recent kill. When I saw one of these big cats pawing at the RC car like a kitten playing with its favorite toy I just couldn’t help but smile.

I firmly believe that the best wildlife photography show on television is “Wild Photo Adventures” by the southeast’s own Doug Gardner, but this new show Nat Geo Wild show is definately entertaining. It’s going to give you an inside look at some of the risks, hardships and patience required to capture amazing footage of wildlife around the world.

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