Horses on Horse Island!

Anybody that’s read many of the articles on this blog know’s I enjoy visiting the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve. On every trip that I’ve maded I’ve never seen a single horse on “Horse Island.” In fact I even tended to chuckle a bit at the name! Well as of Thursday morning I can no longer make that claim. As I approached the island from the east I found several horses feeding there, and not long afterwards, more wading across to join them. Fun stuf!

A wild mustang checks out a passing kayaker in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

A wild horse marches across Horse Island.

Wild horse along the North Carolina coast.

Two wild mustangs pose for a snap-shot.

A horse wades to Horse Island at low tide.

A wading wild horse, Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

Wild mustang along the North Carolina coast.

Wading wild horse along the Sothern Outer Banks.

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