Have a Back-up Plan: Adapt and Conquer

Our plans don’t always work out. Recently I awoke to discover a heavy fog had formed. I’ve had a particular image in mind that involves fog for some time and decided to head over to the beach to see if I couldn’t make that image. As I crossed the high-rise bridge to the island I discovered there was no fog on the island. I simply switched gears and headed to Fort Macon State Park with the idea of changing my goal to imaging some birds. Alas, after spending some time in my usual “birdy” locations, I was again disappointed by a lack of birds. I could’ve thrown in the towel and headed home but instead formulated another plan. I decided to go inside the fort structure and look for some “artsy” photo opportunities. Rather than wasting a morning off, I adapted to the cards I was dealt.

When I head out for a photo session I’m always sure to bring a variety of equipment in case the situation forces a change in approach. For me that means I travel with a minimum of a long lens, a lens or two appropriate for landscapes and a macro lens. That way if Mother Nature gives me lemons, I can make lemonade. Below are some images made when I had to implement “Plan C.”

Cannon Ball stack inside Fort Macon at Atlantic Beach, NC
Civil War cannon reflected in a window at Fort Macon State Park.
Cannon ball abstract, Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach, NC


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