Dead Tree at Grassy Ridge Mine Overlook

While returning from a visit with my kids I took the long way home to spend a few hours in the mountains of North Carolina. As evening drew close I hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Maggie Valley NC and headed towards Ashville. As the time for sunset approached I was getting concerned I wasn’t going to find an overlook facing in the correct direction. I rounded a curve and came upon the Grassy Ridge Mine Overlook. When I arrived there was one other photographer their. I set-up my gear and we exchanged pleasantries. While waiting on the sunset to light up the sky I pointed my camera at this lovely dead tree a few yards in front and below us. The other photographer looked over at me a said, “you trying to get a shot of that tree?” I told him yes. He then said, “I’ve tried several times and have never gotten a shot I was satisfied with.” After taking a few shots I handed him my business card and told him to check in a few days. Maybe I’d get lucky and provide some inspiration. I think it came out okay.

Wall Art

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