American Oyster Catchers, One Banded

The other morning I had the pleasure of photographing a couple American Oyster Catchers. One of them was banded and I was able to read the markings in the photo. I then reported the sighting online at There’s a fairly simple online form you fill out, providing as much information as you can. Once your bird is confirmed the sighting is added to their data base. They also send you an email telling you when the bird was first captured and banded as well as listing other sightings of that bird. If you sight a banded American Oyster Catcher and you’re able to read and of the codes I encourage you to file a report.

American Oyster Catcher along Taylor's Creek.

Banded American Oyster Catcher feeding on a oyster bed in Deep Creek.

Amercian Oyster Catcher.

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