Afternoon Session: Wild Horses of the Crystal Coast Workshop

For the afternoon session of last weekend’s photography workshop we visited Shackleford Banks, a part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. The horses on “Shack” have been traced via DNA testing to the original Iberian stock used by early Spanish and English explorers as Europe slammed into the North American continent.

This was my last wild horse workshop until fall arrives. Though arrangements can be made for folks wishing to set-up a private tour or workshop involving the horses. You can find my fall workshop schedule by clicking on the menu items at the top of this page. Below are a few shots from the afternoon session.

A wild mustang feeds inside the dune line on Shackleford Banks, North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

A wild Spanish mustang on the sound-side beach along North Carolina's Southern Outer Banks.

Wild horse of the Carolina Coast.

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