A Sea of Yellow Petals

As fall approaches the edges of county and forest roads throughout the Crystal Coast are awash in a sea of yellow and purple as autumn wild flowers bloom. I took advantage of a short break in the recent rains to make some photos of this colorful spectacle. I’d hoped to work in a hike along the Pine Cliff section of the Neusiok trail as well, but the gate on the road back to the recreation area was closed this morning. The weather forecast calls for the rain to move out so hopefully I can get in a morning paddle soon.

The roadsides are awash in a sea of yellow as Black Eyed Susans bloom along county and forest roads in Carteret County, NC.

Even though the Crystal Coast is heavily forested with pine trees, there are enough deciduous trees and wild flowers to make autumn quite colorful.

North Carolina's coastal plain is home to a wide variety of colorful plants.

North Carolina's Southern Outerbanks awash in yellow wildflowers.

Black Eyed Susans make a wonderful subject for nature photographers.

Yellow wildflowers in North Carolina. The rain stopped for a few hours allowing me to take a few photos.

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