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One More Shorebird – a Willet

It’s a rainy morning along the coast of North Carolina. I supposed I could suck it up and head out to try and make some images anyway, but I’m going to wimp out and stay inside instead! While raining days can make for some great photographic opportunities… and the dampness can help quiet your movements in the forest… I’m simply not in the mood to deal with rain today Instead I think I’ll share a few photos from an outing a few days ago, then work on a bit of marketing. Nice “high and dry” activities.

Today’s image offerings are of a Willet taken within the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve. As is often the case with my shorebird photographs, I took these images from my kayak. I like using the kayak for making these kinds of photographs because the birds are sometimes more tolerant of an approach from the water.

Willet at the mouth of Deep Creek and Taylors Creek, Beaufort, North Carolina

A classic Willet pose, one of the more common shorebirds found along the North Carolina coast.
Willet, Crystal Coast North Carolina.

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Belted Kingfisher

Anyone that’s picked-up a camera equipped with a long telephoto lens to pursue making images of shore birds probably has a few stories to tell about their encounters with Belted Kingfishers. These handsome little birds are small, fast and ever so camera shy. For many avian photographers they are considered a “nemesis species,” a bird that’s really tough to get in front of the lens. I’ll readily confess that my success with these little guys is less than great. Count me among those that have been heard saying, “any photo of a Belted Kingfisher is a good photo of a Belted Kingfisher.” I got lucky this morning and managed to get within camera range in my kayak and squeeze off a few snaps of the shutter before my subject took to wing. Are these the best photos of a Kingfisher I’ve seen? Not by a long shot. But hey, they’re Kingfisher photos… so they’re good, right?

Belted Kingfisher at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Rerserve, Beaufort, NC

Belted Kingfisher with Little Blue Heron in the background.

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Snowy Egret at Low Tide

I decided to go for a paddle yesterday morning. As always, I had my camera along with the hope of getting a few images. I was fortunate to come across a couple of very cooperative Snowy Egrets that allowed me to watch and photograph them as they hunted an oyster bed exposed by the low tide. Here are a few of the shots.

A Snowy Egret hunts along the mouth of Deep Creek

Snowy Egret at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

Snowy Egret near Beaufort, NC

A Snowy Egret stalks its breakfast

A Snowy Egret fishing

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More Wild Horses in Black & White

Yesterday morning the rain kept me inside but the inclement weather passed in plenty of time to allow me to make a trip across Taylor’s Creek to visit the wild horses. I felt like the three image below were best presented in a black & white format. Hope you enjoy them.

Wild horse on the tidal flats.

Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve wild horse.

Crystal Coast wild horse.

horse prints

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American Oyster Catcher in Flight

Just a simple, single image post today. Here’s a photo of an American Oyster Catcher in Flight near Beaufort, North Carolina. In reference to my previous post of tricks to improve your photography you may notice that I used the rule of thirds in selecting the placement of the subject, made sure the eye was sharp and in focus and left space in front of the bird for it to “move into.” Can you find any more of my “ten tricks” applied in this image?


American Oyster Catcher in Flight

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White Ibis and Little Blue Heron Along the Beaufort NC Waterfront

I had the opportunity to launch my kayak and do a little wildlife photography the other morning. It was an extremely winding morning, making it a little difficult to hold position while shooting. The fast moving air, however, help provide some relief from the heat and humidity of the morning. All in all it was a nice way to spend the morning.

White Ibis along Taylors Creek

Little Blue Heron along North Carolina's Crystal Coast

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Common Loon on Taylor’s Creek

The other day while paddling my kayak on Taylor’s Creek along the Beaufort, NC waterfront I came across a loon that was quite comfortable allowing me to get close for photos. I just love close encounters of the wildlife kind. Here are a few of the resulting photos.

Common Loon on Tayor's Creek

Kayaks allow photographers to get close to skittish wildlife.

Common Loon.



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Common Loon

I finally got a chance to get out and make my first paddle of the new year! The skies were overcast, which is usually a good thing for photography. In this case, however, they were so overcast that I was forced to shoot at a higher ISO setting than I normally like to. Near the end of my paddle I encountered a very cooperative Common Loon. Below are a few photos of this bird.

A Common Loon swims along Taylor's Creek near Beaufort, NC.

Overcast skies are usually preferable for nature photography.

A nice portrait of a Common Loon.

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American Oyster Catchers on Taylor’s Creek

Two mornings in a row I’ve encountered a couple of Oyster Cathers on an oyster bank at the entrance to Deep Creek. At least one of the birds was differnet from one day to the next. I could tell by the tags on one bird’s legs. These are definately one of my favorite birds to see. I think it’s the bright colored eyes and bills that make the attractive to me.

An American Oyster Catching... well... catching an oyster!

An Oyster Catcher on Taylor's Creek across from Beafort, NC.

These birds have a funny name.  Let's face it, it's not too tough to catch and oyster.

An Oyster Catcher on the edge of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

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Carrot Island Wild Horses Post Hurricane Irene

I made the trip over to the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve this morning to check on how the horses had came through the recent storm. My original plan was to put in along Front Street at Fishermen’s Park and paddle straight across to Carrot Island then proceed on foot. As I started my paddle I saw two mustangs feeding along Taylor’s Creek so I deviated my plan a bit to get some shots of them from the kayak. I noticed that, with all the water still coming down the storm swollen rivers, the high tide was going to be extra high. This was going to allow me access to areas that are usually only reachable by kayak at high tide an hour or so before and after. I made a quick change of plan and paddled for Deep Creek.

Entering the creek I immediately noticed a large group of horses to my left and another smaller group feeding on the flats in front of me. I headed towards the bigger group first. After doing a head count and snapping several shots I headed out to photograph the group feeding on the flats. As I headed out onto the flats and could see further west up Carot Island I noticed another small group up towards the herd’s watering hole. All told I counted 33 horses this morning. I believe that’s the most I’ve counted on a single outing. Needless to say the herd came through the storm well.

A pair of mustangs feed along Taylor's Creek across from Beaufort, North Carolina.

A stallion stands near the trunk of an old tree atop a dune on Carrot Island.

A Wild Horse on the North Carolina coast.

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