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Rainy Day in the Croatan National Forest

I got up early yesterday morning, planning on looking for some macro shots in the Croatan National Forest. Before I could set-up my first shot the skies started darkening and then opened up with a down pour. Considering the weather, I decided to spend some time scouting for new spots by driving a few forest roads I hadn’t explored before. On one road I came upon a fawn standing in the middle of the forest road. I’m not a fan of shooting out of a vehicle window. I prefer to get out in the field when making images. However I knew if I opened the door and stepped out the fawn would be gone. Being too good of an opportunity not to take advantage of, I took a few shots, eased the car forward and took a few more. After my second move forward that fawn was joined by it’s mother, providing a wonderful “Bambi & Mother” photo op. I kept working closer and closer to the pair and eventually, of course, they headed off into the woods.

Continuing my exploration I headed on down the road to it’s termination. I swung the car around and headed back out the way I came. Much to my surprise and delight I spotted another deer standing in the road. I swallowed my “shooting out the window of a vehicle isn’t real nature photography” attitude once again and hung the camera out the window. As I shot and crept in closer two more whitetails joined their friend on the road. The watched me, fed a bit, watched me some more and eventually moved casually into the forest. Come fall I have a good idea of where to do some “real nature photography” and set-up a portable stand for some whitetail deer photography.

A whitetail deer stands in the center of a forest road in the Croatan National Forest.

Three amigos... a trio of deer walk along an isolated forest road.

A fawn standing in a forest road.

A doe and her fawn in the Croatan National Forest.

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Tired of Wild Horses? Then Here’s Some Butterflies!

The truth be told I’ll never tire of photographing the wild horses that call eastern North Carolina home. But they’re not the only thing I shoot. I as out and about Sunday afternoon doing some scouting in the Croatan National Forest when I came across and area that was just littered with butterflies. The number of these pretty little bugs was almost staggering. Even though I wasn’t equipped for these types of photos… (I had the wrong tripod head to mount the camera with the macro lens)… but I roughed it with some hand-held shots. Here are a few of my favorites.

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Butterfly in the Croatan Forest


Orange butterfly


Croatan Forest Butterfly

Butterfly in the Croatain National Forest


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