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Black Eyed Susans

I really can’t explain why it is but I really enjoy it when the Blackeyed Susans are blooming. Below are a few recent images of these bright yellow beauties.

Blackeyed Susan

Blacketed Susan growing in the Croatan National Forest.

Blackeyed Susan

Coastal Carolina wildflower

Wildflower photography from North Carolina

Wildflowers often grow along forest roads in eastern North Carolina.

Blackeyed Susan.

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Sometimes the “Wrong” Lens is Just Right!

Usually when I want to take close-up photos of plants and flowers I reach from my trusty 100mm macro lens. But recently I decided to play around with doing some close-up work with a wide angle zoom. Instead of mounting my macro lens I reached in my bag and pulled out my Tokina 12-24mm wild angle lens for the job. This lens has a very short minimal focus length allowing me to get a reasonably sized image of the subject. In the case of the images shown below the front of element of the lens was probably only 3 or 4 inches away from the subject…AT MOST! The disadvantage of this lens choice is that you have to work much closer to the subject than if using a longer lens. Honestly, I frequently use a 1.4x teleconverter with my macro lens to either allow even greater magnification or to allow me to work from further away. There is an advantage to using the wild angle lens for close-up work though. The perspective is quite different using this lens when compared to that of a longer lens. Below are the results of this endeavor. I hope you enjoy them.

Fern shot in the Croatan Forest using a 24mm wild angle lens.

Sometimes you need to think out of the box to create unique images.

Southern blue flag iris shot with a wide angle lens.

Wide angle of a wild flower photographed in the Croatan National Forest.

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It Just Wouldn’t be Spring Without…

It just wouldn’t be spring without a least one post with photos of wildflowers! Seriously, “April showers… Spring flowers” and such. It’s a tradition! So not wanting to condemn myself to some bad ju-ju by not enjoying a little bit of spring flora photography, and assuming that carnivorous plants just don’t count as “flowers,” here is my offering for the rites of spring. A single Daisy and a couple wild Magnolias. Just be forewarned, this post doesn’t mean I won’t post more wild flower images sometime in the future!

A roadside daisy.

A wild magnolia bloom in the Croatan National Forest.

Wild magnolia bloom.

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Fall Approaches, Wild Flowers Fade

Lately the mornings have been a little cool. Not crisp and frosty yet but the hint of autumn is definitely there. With that hint of fall the wildflowers found along the forest service roads are beginning to fade and wither. That can actually be an interesting to time to mount a macro lens to the favorite DSLR body and make some art.

Now some folks aren’t going to see the beauty in wilted, drooping petals, but there is a character about them. They also won’t “get” the use of selective focus or shallow depth of fields. While other photographers may heap piles of compliments on such offerings, the non-photographers… or at least not serious shutterbugs… may make comments like “at least I can get a flower all in focus” or something similar. And just imagine their shock when you photograph a flower from the back! But that’s okay. Art isn’t about pleasing everyone else. It’s about pleasing ones self. Below are a few selections from my recent effort to capture these fading flowers.

Selective focus on a yellow flower.

An unusal view of a wildflower.

You don't always have to photograph a flower in a familar way.

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Daisy Time!

There’s something about Dasies. They make me smile. Sorry but they just do. I was glad to find a few of these lovely little flowers in bloom this afternoon. A simple white and yellow flower I find it interesting to try to find interesting and unique compositions for these little bloom. Below are a few from this afternoons attempt.

Dasies are starting to bloom along the Crystal Coast.

Daisy, a simple yet elegant litte wildflower.

It can be a challenge to find a unique composition of such a common flower.

A wild daisy.

A daisy.

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Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium atlanticum)

While out exploring last weekend I came across a small patch of Blue-eyed Grass. A native wild flower of the Carolinas this pretty little flower is a member of the Iris family. I find the combintaion of the blue-violet petals and yellow center quite striking. Here are a couple photos of this lovely little perennial. (There are several different “blue-eyed grasses” so hopefully I identified this one correctly!).

Blue-eyed Grass growing in the Croatan National Forest.

Blue-eyed grass.

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Summer’s Last Hold-Outs

I noticed a couple hold-outs from summer while out in the yard today. I couldn’t resist making a couple photos before they disappear till next year.

The year's last puffball, a hold-out from summer.

One of summers last hold-outs.

Fall's last puffball.

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A Sea of Yellow Petals

As fall approaches the edges of county and forest roads throughout the Crystal Coast are awash in a sea of yellow and purple as autumn wild flowers bloom. I took advantage of a short break in the recent rains to make some photos of this colorful spectacle. I’d hoped to work in a hike along the Pine Cliff section of the Neusiok trail as well, but the gate on the road back to the recreation area was closed this morning. The weather forecast calls for the rain to move out so hopefully I can get in a morning paddle soon.

The roadsides are awash in a sea of yellow as Black Eyed Susans bloom along county and forest roads in Carteret County, NC.

Even though the Crystal Coast is heavily forested with pine trees, there are enough deciduous trees and wild flowers to make autumn quite colorful.

North Carolina's coastal plain is home to a wide variety of colorful plants.

North Carolina's Southern Outerbanks awash in yellow wildflowers.

Black Eyed Susans make a wonderful subject for nature photographers.

Yellow wildflowers in North Carolina. The rain stopped for a few hours allowing me to take a few photos.

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