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Hoop Pole Creek – The Big Little Trail in Atlantic Beach NC

For years I wasn’t really impressed with the little nature trail at the Hoop Pole Creek Nature Preserve next to the Atlantic Station shopping center in the beach community of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. At […]

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Trees: As Seen Through My Eyes and Lens

Trees. They come in all shapes and sizes. A common sight in many areas, they’re also easily ignored. But they are truly a thing of beauty. Some colors in the autumn, then return to their […]

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Two Short, Thought Provoking Videos.

I’ve been thinking about what my next blog post would be. Something about bird photography? A revisiting of my enjoyment of documenting rural decay in Eastern North Carolina? A how-to video on post-processing? Then I […]

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Wild Horses of the Crystal Coast: A Short Video

The wild horses that make their home on islands along the Crystal are, without doubt, some of my favorite photographic subjects. Here’s a short video of some of my images made over the years. I […]

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Post Processing Video: From Color RAW to Black & White File.

Here’s a little “how to” video showing a couple of different methods for converting a camera RAW file to a finished Black & White image for printing or web use.

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The Fire Starter

As a widower I probably spend way too much for my free time alone. However, occasionally I’m treated to getting to spend some time with a lady friend. Recently my friend suggested that we visit […]

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The Beauty of Rural Decay

Last Sunday morning I woke up to discover a lovely, thick fog enveloping the area. I had been waiting for this opportunity for quite sometime. There are a few photos I have envisioned shrouded in […]

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Autumn 2020 in Coastal North Carolina

A little video presentation I put together of some of my images from this fall. Locations include the Croatan National Forest, Emerald Isle Woods Park, Latham-Woodhurst Nature Park, Fort Macon State Park and the New […]

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Less is More: Minimalism in Photography

In the modern world we are bombarded with visual stimulation. Photos and videos are everywhere… on our TVs, phones, on billboards, in brochures, even hanging on our walls. This constant onslaught of visual stimulation makes […]

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Have a Back-up Plan: Adapt and Conquer

Our plans don’t always work out. Recently I awoke to discover a heavy fog had formed. I’ve had a particular image in mind that involves fog for some time and decided to head over to […]

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