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Another Win: One Daily Photo Contest!

I entered my moody black & white image of an anchored dingy with a storm approaching in the One Daily Photo online photo contest. I was pleased to see it posted as today’s winner. Check it out at

On the Cover of Crystal Coast Outdoors!

Wild horse on the cover of Crystal Coast Outdoors magazine, July issue.



It doesn’t matter how many times one gets published it’s always a little bit of a rush. I was fortunate to have a photo of mine used for the cover of Crystal Coast Outdoors for the July issue. If that wasn’t enough of a thrill I also have two articles and photos inside! The first article, “Rachel Carson Estuarine Reseve; A Hidden Jewel on the Crystal Coast,” provides an introductory look at the reserve and the wildlife living there. The second article, “Geariing up for Photography fomr a Kayak,” is a reprint of my article that appeared in the Carolinas Nature Photography Associations publicatin, Camera in the Wild. If you’ve ever considered using a kayak for wildlife photography this article will help you make the correct gear choices for that endeavor. If you’re visiting the Crystal Coast during the month of July be sure to pick-up a copy.

Wow! A Bunch of Posts Gone!

My webhost had some technical problems that effected many of the websites hosted by them… Carolinafootprints amoung them. Everything’s back up but I’ve lost something like the 12 most recent posts…TWELVE! That’s a bit disheartening. I’ll dig a little and see if they can be recovered somehow but I’m afraid they’re gone. I don’t think I’ll try to replicate them, though I may publish all of the lost images from them below when I verify those posts can’t be recovered.

Gotta love technology some days.

Here are the images from the 12 missing posts. The webhost’s technical services was unable to recover the posts from the crashed database. I’m not going to try to rehash the text portions of the posts, though there are excerpts on my facebook page, I will mention that one of the posts was text only and was reporting that I’d again had an article and photos published in “Camera in the Wild.”

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One Daily Shot: Online Photo Contest

I recently read about the One Daily Shot online photo contest in a nature photography blog and decided to check it out. Obviously based on blog software, I went back through all the archives checking out the daily winners. Quite a lot of nice photography displayed there. It’s not limimted to nature photography but images are entered by photographers of all kinds. On a whim I decided to enter a photo Tuesday… it didn’t win. Being a glutton for punishment I decided to try again the next day… it DID win! No big monies, no magazine publication for the winners, no worldwide honors, but hey… it still feels good to have a shot recognized. You can check-out the site here. And, as time passes, here’s a direct link to my winning entry.

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