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Book Review: “Essential Composition: A Guide for the Perplexed” by Richard Bernabe

I’ll confess I’m a fan of Richard Bernabe’s work. He’s a very talented landscape photographer, a member of the Carolinas Nature Photography Association and, like me, makes his home in the Carolinas. A “home boy” if you will. Recently Richard released a new ebook, “Essential Composition: A Guide for the Perplexed.” As is typical with his ebook offerings the publication is well illustrated with some of his marvelous photographs. At the paltry price of eight dollars the photography alone may well justify the investment. However, if you’re seeking insight into photographic composition be aware this offering is anything but in-depth. As suggested in the title, “essential,” the book lightly reviews the more common compositional guides (rules). If you’re familiar with these “rules” and are looking for a deeper look into photographic compositional decisions this probably isn’t the book for you. On the other hand if you’re struggling to understand composition or you want to look at some awe inspiring landscape images you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about this recent offering at his website,

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Book Review: “The Great Smoky Mountains, Behind the Lens”

I just completed reading Richard Bernabe’s ebook, “The Great Smoky Mountains, Behind the Lens.” Richard is a South Carolina based photographer and a fellow member of the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association. His book presents twenty of his favorite photos from the Great Smoky Mountains and builds a chapter around each telling of his challenges, thought processes and memories involoved in the making of each. The book is well written and enjoyable, the photos lovely with the stories ranging from amusing to inspiring. If you’re a nature & wildlife photographer you’re bound to be able to relate to the wonderful stories told in the book. On the other hand if you’re someone that enjoys viewing nature photos but isn’t a photographer you may be fascinated to learn of some of efforts and hardships involved in making these kinds of images. To check it out visit Richard’s website:

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Book Review: Mike Moat’s “Macro Workshop” Ebook.

Like so many businesses Mike Moats ran a “Black Friday” special last week. On the friday following Thanksgiving he offered any of his ebooks art the bargin price of $4.95. How could I resist scarfing up a copy of his “Macro Workshop” ebook. The idea of the book is to present the same material covered in his Macro workshops in a book form. It’s a great opportunity for folks that aren’t near a workshop location, are unwilling or unable to afford the price, or don’t really need the attention they’d receive in a workshop setting.

The book its self is reasonably well written. Granted, Mike isn’t the most talented wordsmith in the world but his matter-o-fact, straight forward style of presenting the material is quite effective. He illustrates his ideas well with sample photos of the concepts he’s trying to share. Some of the technical info is a bit basic… but you have to assume a portion of the readers will need a rudimentary schooling in aperature, depth of field and other basic concepts. If the question is, “can a novice macro photographer build a solid foundation by studying this book?” the answer has to be a big YES! What about the more experienced photographer? You may encounter some ideas and concepts you hadn’t considered before. It’s a safe bet you’ll see some things presented in a way that hadn’t occurred to you before. So sure, even an experienced photographer can learn something from this ebook. If you want to check out this ebook or others offered by Mike Moats visit .

In case anyone is wondering I’ve never met Mike in person. The comments and observations presented are my own and no commercial or professional affilation exists between myself and Mr. Moats.

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