Live Oak Trees of the Elliot Couse Nature Trail

The Elliot Couse Nature Trail is one of the Crown Jewels of Fort Macon State Park. The trail passes through maritime forest, wetlands and the sand dunes along the beach. When making this hike I’m […]

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A Lovely Morning at Fort Macon – Wildlife Encounters

I visit Fort Macon State Park frequently. For quite a while it was a wonderful location for song bird photography. For reasons I don’t know birding in this park has been disappointing the last couple […]

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The Crystal Coast After Dark

We all love those tasty sunset photos made around the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. But have you ever hung around after the sunset was done? The beach, shore and edge of woodlands can offer […]

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Wild Sea Cow of Cedar Island North Carolina

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a “wild” cow. More accurately feral, a small herd of cows roams free on Cedar Island North Carolina. No one is sure how they originally got there but they […]

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New Video: Finding Photos in the Chaotic Summer Forest

I explore a visually chaotic forest in the summer in search of a few good photos. I love the forest, but lets be honest, woodlands can be very visually chaotic. Especially in the summer. Photographers […]

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Return to the Point

June 27th I decided to visit the point at Emerald Isle, North Carolina again. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a parking place. If you visited this location before you know that the only public parking is […]

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Revisiting Sunsets – A Genre I Avoided for a Long Time

There’s no question about it, a sunset can be a beautiful subject for a photograph. For a long time I avoided making sunset photos. My reasons? For one I considered them “too easy.” How could […]

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Historic Beaufort by the Sea: One of North Carolina’s Oldest Communities

With the deepest natural port along the NC coast, it’s little wonder that Beaufort is one of North Carolina’s oldest towns. This quaint little seaport village was established in 1713 and incorporated in 1723. Only […]

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Cedar Island Beach – Hidden Jewel of the Crystal Coast

Hidden at the extreme downeast area of the Crystal Coast, the beach adjacent to the Cedar Island Ferry terminal is a treasure not seen by many locals and often overlooked by travelers visiting the area. […]

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Using Crop Sensor Cameras for Landscapes?

The common advice is that for shooting landscape and other wide angle photographic subjects you should use a digital camera with a “full crop” or “medium format” image sensor. So called “crop sensors,” such as […]

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